Tuesday, 3 August 2010

July 2010 Character Review

July must have been my least active month to date in terms of time spent in game, as reported previously I have a lot of things happening in the big world of real life. In the last two weeks I have hardly gotten any online time aside from a very occasional 20 minute session.

At the beginning of the month I replaced my deceased laptop with a spangly new one which really is sweet, meaning running two accounts at once on two different computers was a breeze. However it seems that the arrival of the laptop coincided with the drop in play time so I have barely used it.

This month saw the proper beginning of training towards Medium Minmatar Hulls, taking Medium Projectile Turret to V aswell as rounding out a couple more support skills to V. I'll get a couple of missile support skills maxed in August and be well on the way to Minmatar Cruiser V by the time the month is out. So September will be the month I fly a Minmatar Cruiser in anger. Fourteen skills remain on the Rifter plan before I am max skilled in all aspects of it's performance.

I've continued to Stockpile Minmatar Cruisers & Battlecruisers throughout the month, admittedly I only have hulls stockpiled at the moment so during the course of this month I will ship down a heap of fittings for them. Unfortunately I lost my second Dramiel in the month, however I'll post about that another time when I review it's performance.

Now sitting at over 18m SP my skill plans have been followed to the letter this month. Kirith will be a year old in August. It feels like so long ago that I was starting out as a fledgling pirate.

Kirith's bounty has gone up another 10m isk since last mentioning about it exceeding 100m isk. Some find it strange that I like to have a sizeable bounty, I can't say why I do like it so much. Maybe it's status, perhaps it brings people to fight you to claim the bounty and maybe it's just because it's fun to mention it to Kishin from time to time.

My trading alts profits picked up well this month to 196m from 104m the previous month which considering that I haven't logged in on half the days this month is encouraging. My probing alt has been mostly gathering dust in the month. My Freighter alt which has been an isk sink to train up can now ably fly a Providence Freighter! I have been fortunate enough to be loaned one by a friend who has suspended his account for a while.

Some stats:
Tuskers: Rank 14 on Battleclinic, up 6 places!
Kirith: Kills 720 (42 in July), Losses 111 (3 in July)
Kirith: ISK Destroyed 20.6Bn, Lost 1.2Bn