Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Close result vs Destroyer

I type this while waiting out the GCC after an encounter against a Thrasher which I just lost.

After scanning the pilot down to a belt i warped in and he escaped, we repeated this three times before I managed to snag him on the forth attempt. Unfortunately by this point he had taken out the NPC's so it was just me vs him. We exchanged tackles and the dance began, he ripped through my shields so very fast but as I closed range I swiftly went through his too. Ahead of me in hitting armour he made fairly fast progress through it, my armour plate slowing the process somewhat. Entering structure within 10 seconds of each other he went through mine faster than I went through his. By the time poor "Penfold" was reduced to wreckage I only had him down to 65% Structure. Warping away in my Pod I offered "gf". Pleased with my first encounter against a Destroyer and a pilot some 6 months my senior. The next time I feel he will not get away.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Chalk up first Rifter and Pod kill

I'm still training Clarity V but got another kill this morning just before downtime. Having just delivered myself a few more Rifters with my hauler alt I noticed on my way through the system an 8 day old player in a Rifter cruising the belts, lots of wrecks present in the belts too.

Logging over to Kirith after delivering the aforementioned Rifters I set off to see if I could track down this Rifter pilot, he seemed quite canny as on my first scan of the system and it belts by the time I had warped to the belt that he was in, he had docked up. Seeing a Magnate pilot warp into the system and subsequently into a neighbouring system I set off in pursuit, unfortunately they went straight to the station so I decided to head back from whence I came and see if I could find the Rifter pilot again.

While I was scanning the system for him he appeared back on scan and within a minute I had him pinpointed down to a belt. Deciding to warp to zero I landed 20km from him, whether he didn't see me or register the danger I don't know but I was able to close on him down to 8km before locking and scramming him, from now there was no escape for him. I worked my way through his shields, pleased to see that he was actively shield tanked, before long I was into his armour and soon after his structure. I contemplated a ransom but decided against it as I want my flashy -10 security status. Boom went his Rifter, I quickly locked onto his pod and blew that to smithereens too with just 4 minutes to downtime.

I almost warped to dock up but about 1 second before warping managed to cancel the warp, remembering that I had the Global Criminal Cooldown to wait out lest I be blown up myself by sentry guns!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Final learning skill started!

Just a quick post to note that today I set in motion Clarity V, my last learning skill for what I hope is going to be a very long time! So in 12 days time I start my training of actual combat skills, something I am greatly looking forward to as I'm sure no-one would doubt.

Monday, 21 September 2009

First solo pvp kill . . . well kind of.

Just a quick entry, which I hope to keep going whenever I manage to kill something.

This morning I had just finished looting a couple of belt rat wrecks and headed back to a station, I noticed a player enter local. The player was 9 months old and had a security status of -0.0. I thought this could be promising and next thing the player was docked in the same station as me. Could he be waiting for me to undock? Deciding to test the theory I undocked and after loitering around the station exit for 20 seconds decided he wasn't. I warped to a bookmark off station and around a minute later he undocked in a Rupture. I had aligned to the station and warped to zero and proceeded to orbit him and lock him, careful though not to initiate hostile actions lest I be torn to pieces by sentry gun fire. I was pleased when a message appeared on screen and he had opened up on me. I promptly tackled him and within seconds the sentries had turned him into a swiss cheese. I wasted no time looting his smoldering wreck and whilst I locked his pod I let it go as I didn't want to test my Rifter against sentry fire. Giving him an almost sarcastic "gf" in local I docked up again pleased with my (and the sentries) first solo pvp kill.

Friday, 18 September 2009

My first proper solo low-sec pvp fight

Well last night I logged on to have a quick roam before I hit the sack. I planned on taking in just three systems. The first system was quiet, only me in it so I moved on to the next in line, Wiskeber. In the system two other pilots were present, one I knew to be one that flew around low sec in a shuttle, the other 0utlaw star was an eight day old character. Warping to a safe spot I scanned down a shuttle and a Rupture. Within less than a minute I had the cruisers location pinpointed in an Ice Field.

Now I am still training my learning skills so only have the combat skills of a 1 day old pilot but I thought it was worth a shot as I have heard stories of what characters even a few hours old are capable of. Making sure my Damage Control was active I warped to zero on the belt and sure enough landed right on top of him quickly tackling and getting point on him. I orbit him and really slowly start pecking away at his shields, keeping a close eye on local I see it start to get alot busier mostly with people with low-sec status. The Rupture pilot is also commenting in local about how I will not kill him bound to attract attention from my fellow pirates. I make the decision that I will keep at it as at this point I am neither webbed nor scrammed. He's running a shield booster while I am attacking him and gradually depleating his shields so I know that combined with my Nos, his cap isn't going to last forever. I am taking some damage all this while, not from his artillery fit but from his assault launchers but with the nos running and cycling the armour repper, I can take it. After unloading two full hoppers of ammo into his shield they are practically non-existent and he's been getting some armour bleed the first pirate I saw appear in local decloaks and primaries me and within 20seconds I was reduced to my pod and warping to a safe spot. On my way out I gave "gf" in local which was reciprocated by my stealth bomber assailant, I just hoped he had taken out the Rupture and that my efforts were not wasted. I was gratified to see soon after the Rupture Pilot on scan in a capsule.

Whilst I didn't win the fight(s) I thoroughly enjoyed them and hope for more success when I start actually training some combat skills!

Lessons learned;
- Currently using my afterburner to maintain orbit doesn't gain me anything other than losing cap.
- Orbiting in an Ice Field isn't great as I kept bouncing off rocks.
- Even a one day old in a Rifter and Meta 2 modules can take down a cruiser with sufficient time.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Adventures of Dangermouse

Ok, so random post title but there is a reason I assure you!

Some little time ago I mentioned about creating my necesary hauler alt. Well I have now achieved that objective over the bank holiday weekend just gone and Morathi Darkblade now is the driver of a Hoarder complete with cargo expanders, she is also the CEO of my Corp "The Adventures of Dangermouse" who Kirith is now also a member of. The Corp HQ is located in Aralgrund in Heimatar, a low-sec system on the border with high-sec.

I have been spending more time in that area with Kirith recently to aclimatise myself with low-sec as I have a large sense of everyone-is-out-to-get-me syndrome. Which is probably justified & sensible. But I feel so is getting to know the locals and working out who flys what and who to keep clear of. Still working on my learning skills though it is always so tempting just to slip in a combat skill but so far my willpower has held.

More soon