Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Adventures of Dangermouse

Ok, so random post title but there is a reason I assure you!

Some little time ago I mentioned about creating my necesary hauler alt. Well I have now achieved that objective over the bank holiday weekend just gone and Morathi Darkblade now is the driver of a Hoarder complete with cargo expanders, she is also the CEO of my Corp "The Adventures of Dangermouse" who Kirith is now also a member of. The Corp HQ is located in Aralgrund in Heimatar, a low-sec system on the border with high-sec.

I have been spending more time in that area with Kirith recently to aclimatise myself with low-sec as I have a large sense of everyone-is-out-to-get-me syndrome. Which is probably justified & sensible. But I feel so is getting to know the locals and working out who flys what and who to keep clear of. Still working on my learning skills though it is always so tempting just to slip in a combat skill but so far my willpower has held.

More soon

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