Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Close result vs Destroyer

I type this while waiting out the GCC after an encounter against a Thrasher which I just lost.

After scanning the pilot down to a belt i warped in and he escaped, we repeated this three times before I managed to snag him on the forth attempt. Unfortunately by this point he had taken out the NPC's so it was just me vs him. We exchanged tackles and the dance began, he ripped through my shields so very fast but as I closed range I swiftly went through his too. Ahead of me in hitting armour he made fairly fast progress through it, my armour plate slowing the process somewhat. Entering structure within 10 seconds of each other he went through mine faster than I went through his. By the time poor "Penfold" was reduced to wreckage I only had him down to 65% Structure. Warping away in my Pod I offered "gf". Pleased with my first encounter against a Destroyer and a pilot some 6 months my senior. The next time I feel he will not get away.

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