Friday, 18 September 2009

My first proper solo low-sec pvp fight

Well last night I logged on to have a quick roam before I hit the sack. I planned on taking in just three systems. The first system was quiet, only me in it so I moved on to the next in line, Wiskeber. In the system two other pilots were present, one I knew to be one that flew around low sec in a shuttle, the other 0utlaw star was an eight day old character. Warping to a safe spot I scanned down a shuttle and a Rupture. Within less than a minute I had the cruisers location pinpointed in an Ice Field.

Now I am still training my learning skills so only have the combat skills of a 1 day old pilot but I thought it was worth a shot as I have heard stories of what characters even a few hours old are capable of. Making sure my Damage Control was active I warped to zero on the belt and sure enough landed right on top of him quickly tackling and getting point on him. I orbit him and really slowly start pecking away at his shields, keeping a close eye on local I see it start to get alot busier mostly with people with low-sec status. The Rupture pilot is also commenting in local about how I will not kill him bound to attract attention from my fellow pirates. I make the decision that I will keep at it as at this point I am neither webbed nor scrammed. He's running a shield booster while I am attacking him and gradually depleating his shields so I know that combined with my Nos, his cap isn't going to last forever. I am taking some damage all this while, not from his artillery fit but from his assault launchers but with the nos running and cycling the armour repper, I can take it. After unloading two full hoppers of ammo into his shield they are practically non-existent and he's been getting some armour bleed the first pirate I saw appear in local decloaks and primaries me and within 20seconds I was reduced to my pod and warping to a safe spot. On my way out I gave "gf" in local which was reciprocated by my stealth bomber assailant, I just hoped he had taken out the Rupture and that my efforts were not wasted. I was gratified to see soon after the Rupture Pilot on scan in a capsule.

Whilst I didn't win the fight(s) I thoroughly enjoyed them and hope for more success when I start actually training some combat skills!

Lessons learned;
- Currently using my afterburner to maintain orbit doesn't gain me anything other than losing cap.
- Orbiting in an Ice Field isn't great as I kept bouncing off rocks.
- Even a one day old in a Rifter and Meta 2 modules can take down a cruiser with sufficient time.

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