Monday, 21 September 2009

First solo pvp kill . . . well kind of.

Just a quick entry, which I hope to keep going whenever I manage to kill something.

This morning I had just finished looting a couple of belt rat wrecks and headed back to a station, I noticed a player enter local. The player was 9 months old and had a security status of -0.0. I thought this could be promising and next thing the player was docked in the same station as me. Could he be waiting for me to undock? Deciding to test the theory I undocked and after loitering around the station exit for 20 seconds decided he wasn't. I warped to a bookmark off station and around a minute later he undocked in a Rupture. I had aligned to the station and warped to zero and proceeded to orbit him and lock him, careful though not to initiate hostile actions lest I be torn to pieces by sentry gun fire. I was pleased when a message appeared on screen and he had opened up on me. I promptly tackled him and within seconds the sentries had turned him into a swiss cheese. I wasted no time looting his smoldering wreck and whilst I locked his pod I let it go as I didn't want to test my Rifter against sentry fire. Giving him an almost sarcastic "gf" in local I docked up again pleased with my (and the sentries) first solo pvp kill.

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