Thursday, 28 July 2011

Jelly Legs

Ok, so this morning before I head to work I was back in the saddle of a Rifter. It's feeling a bit alien which I do not consider a great sign. In retrospect, the Rifter which I undock in is not what I'd consider my normal configuration for two reasons:

1, It's shield buffer tank fit.
2, It has an MWD.

I surf around my home area of low-sec for a while until after about an hour I find a Cormorant in a faction warfare complex. As I enter, he warps out. He's still on scan though so I warp out to avoid rat agro and warp back to wait on the acceleration gate in the hope that he will return. After around 5 minutes, although it seems far longer he warps back and I lock him up. What I don't expect is that I get tackled in return! His scrambler swiftly kills my MWD meaning that I can't get under his railguns in time, with the result unfortunately being that my Rifter goes boom. Gf's exchanged in local I warp home to lick my wounds and wait out GCC. Safely in my home station I realise that I'm still on the adrenaline rush. I stood up and walked away from my laptop while the timer ticked down needing to rid my body of my self induced high.

Seems it's going to be a while before I get back into the swing o' things.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ringing the Changes

Well well well, so as you know from my last post I'm back in the EVE universe. Last year saw me go cold-turkey overnight from EVE and adjusting my real life priorities and how I spend my time, including of course what proportion of that time gets invested into computer games. Things are now much more settled and I feel ready to pick up from where left off, if such a thing is really possible. Now I am back I intend to play casually and not be bound to routine or a commitment to play.

I have reactivated Kirith and I have also reactivated my alt account. Whilst my focus is Kirith the alt account allows me to meddle with Trading again during opportunites where I cannot shut everything out, get on vent immerse myself in piracy.

Coming back to the game the first thing I had to do before I could enter it was to create myself a new avatar, I have to say that I did find it a bit tedious. Though for a first attempt at throwing together something similar to my previous image I am happy with the end result.

So I'm in game, everything looks a bit different. I have yet no idea what AUR are and I can no longer spin my ships :(! Oh and I apparently have 2.8m SP to spend as learning skills are no-more, well that's kinda cool I guess.

To decide where to put my 'free' SP I consulted my corpmates, and was given many good suggestions. I think I settled on AWU5, Surgical Strike 5 and Heavy Missiles V along with a few bits here and there. I've had to reinstall Evemon & EFT and throw together new skill plans as everything got deleted last year. I hope to return to delivering a monthly character update, much as I used to. And yes, the Rifter plan still lives and runs alongside my other plans!

So, what's in my hanger? Holy crap I've got 71 ships in Hev 5, I don't remember having all those! Aside from about 10 ships they're all fit and ready to undock too. I have I think reacquainted myself with my ships, the basics of flight, settings & shortcuts.

It seems that when I left the game last year I did so with Battlecruisers V in the skill queue, couldn't have asked for better! So it was a very nice surprise to be able to fly these mighty gunships now, hopefully you'll hear of my exploits as and when they occur.

It is fabulous to see that there are many familiar faces still in The Tuskers, I've said hello to many of them. There are though many new names who I have yet to get to know. I'm looking forward to catching up with Kishin soon, not seen him yet and I've missed talking with him alot.

Last night was my first real opportunity to get back into space for a few hours while the girlfriend was out. A medium sized Tusker gang was abroad and I elected to abstain due to my limited time commitment. I set about solo roaming in my amazingly long surviving Jaguar and as much as I'd love to regail you with stories of great deeds I didn't manage to find anything to engagein the whole three hours. Hopefully next time will be more fruitful.

Saturday, 23 July 2011


It's been a while.

So, I have reactivated on the try Incarna for 5 days basis.

Getting reacquainted I undock in whatever I was sat in when I last logged in as I now can't see it due to seeing my avatar instead. It appears that I'm in Severina, a Rupture. Having done a complete reinstall of the EVE client I have only the default overview and setting, no shortcuts, nothing.

I hit the D-scan, hello little Incursus. I'm rusty but narrow him down to a belt, pleased with how quickly it all comes back to me.

Warp in, lock, point, boom. His pod escapes my slow lock time.

Adrenaline level.... I've got the shakes and the adrenaline of the first kill. Awesome!

Hello EVE, I think I'll be back.