Wednesday, 30 September 2015

So, umm, Hi.....?

Well, it's been a while hasn't it....

Subsequent to my last post two and a half years ago a lot has changed!

I've had lots of real-life changes and boy has EVE changed. Hopefully a few of your stalwarts are still out in space. I've seen that good old Miura Bull & Kirith Kodachi are still out there and several familiar faces still in the Tuskers. o/ guys.

Out of game I've moved house several times, got married, and got a Spinger Spaniel (Humphrey). I'm still living in Cornwall in the UK though and still work at the same place too. Though I can't remember what job I had back then so guess that might be different now. Can't imagine leaving Cornwall.

In game, well much of my last post still stands really. Ship changes galore and the trusty Rifter isn't too well balanced against the other T1 frigs out there anymore. Crimewatch changes and how much are plexes nowadays? Over a billion iskies! There are loads more changes but summary to say I felt like that noob just logging in in the first week of play wondering where to start.

Thankfully I've persevered and am enjoying EVE again. I've been back through most of my ships in Hevrice and brutally pulled them apart in an effort to find loadouts that will work. Old rigging had to be scrapped as they just weren't appropriate anymore and one hell of a shopping list from Jita! I can't say that it all works, but it's a start and I'll learn and tweak accordingly.

Coming back to EVE I found that Kirith wasn't in the Tuskers. It wasn't a big surprise as inactive members are periodically removed from Corp. As I'd left a post on the corp forums before I un-subbed I was allowed to reapply and rejoin the Tuskers. It still feels like home and has the same air about it. I haven't had much opportunity to get on corp comms yet sadly as my headset had befallen some mischief wile I've been away and frankly sounded to other that I was in a blowing gale when i spoke. New headset arrived yesterday so all sorted on that front now.

Now, being back in the Tuskers there aren't many members still based out of Hevrice. Lots of members have moved several jumps away and are based there. Hevrice still feels like home to me though and I'm a little reluctant to move. That's saying nothing of the roughly 100 fitted and rigged ships I have there in my hangar! No small feat to move even with a couple of carriers at my disposal. I'm slowly moving a few hulls over but it's going to take time to work out what I want to house there.

Since playing properly three years ago I trained a number of skills I can't remember even thinking about while not quite being active and in space. I keep being surprised at having things like Electronic Attack Frigate at V for example. Coupled with my own  skills there are new ones that I can train and new modules that exist. Hull rigs, drone damage mods to name just two examples. I have so much to learn!

Anyway, I've waffled quite a bit for this post so hope to be back with more to say. Back to spaceship violence and to add to my kill tally for September, 76 so far!

See you soon