Monday, 8 October 2012

Recovering Addict

Figured I should post up to let you know where I'm at as posting has been none existent for a month and the stream has been down just as long.

I've not been in game other to maintain skill training and keep my accounts plexed. This due to two reasons:

Firstly, the state of Faction Warfare has really put me off the game. A number of Corp-mates have been lured into doing the FW isk faucet and to an extent I don't blame them. Their boredom threshold must be far greater than mine! I'm encouraged that the end is in sight, albeit months away but until it's changed I doubt I'll be in game.

Second, which should probably be first is that I'm moving house again. This time I hope will be the last time in a long time. Finally leaving rented property behind and stepping onto the property ladder again as its certainly a buyers market. The inevitable period of sorting out and getting settled begins. I have the joys of BT to look forward to and seeing if they can get it right this time!

Out of EVE then I'm trying to curb my gaming time because truth be told I feel like its an unhealthy addiction. This has seen me having a go at a few different games:

Diablo 3, so repetitive.

Guild Wars 2, I just can't get excited by it.

League of Legends, it's like being thrown back 15 years.

World of Tanks, good fun but I'm not going premium. Love the cool looking tanks like the Leopard & Hetzer. Yes I only have tier IV tanks at the moment.

World of Warcraft, dear god how easy is this game nowadays. Feels like a five year old could go all epic in minutes.

I'm considering keeping up the character reviews, though they'll lack much content. Would you like to keep seeing what skills I'm training?