Saturday, 3 October 2009

Afk Stabber

By chance this evening I stumbled across a Stabber sat afk at a planet. I was sure he would be in a belt but alas it was not be, thinking to myself that he can't be at the planet I checked to make sure. There sat some 50km from my warp in point was said Stabber. Approaching at full burn there was still no reaction. I left targetting to the last minute so as not to scare him off and land my point. Settling into orbit I starting pecking at his shields, they went down very slow, incredibly so in fact. I actually wondered if I could break them with my measly 27 (I think) DPS. I noticed then that he had started boosting... so he was there. Chewing to 75% took one full hopper of EMP ammo, things starting going quicker down to around 60% when after calling for help in local he realised we were the only two pilots in the system. He asked me how much to leave him alone so I switched off my guns but holding the point web & nos, I countered asking what he would offer. After receipt of my 8 million isk I let him go about his business.

Quite a profitable evening

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