Thursday, 15 October 2009

2 vs 1

Having a fairly long and dissappointly peaceful roam it was that I found a Stabber at a belt, He was looting some wrecks he had created until I warped into the scene. I set about the (very) slow task of depleting his shields, he had an active shield tank so I tried making best use of my nos to reduce his cap. Eventually I broke through the shields as a fleet of 4 NPC rats warped in along with a pilot in a Vigil from my targets corp. The Vigil lit me up with a target painter, not that their damage was a problem, though the rats were moreso.

I warped out when I saw the Vigil only to turn around and warp straight back. I wanted to take down the Vigil first. Arriving back in the belt I could not for the life of me catch the Vigil the so switched back to the Stabber. He was soon in low structure but somehow got away. Still scratching my head about that. I continued to try and get the Vigil in vain so after a further warp out/in to try and snag it gave up as the Stabber warped back in. I just didn't have enough ammo to do it all over again!

Tomorrow heralds a new era for Kirith as he gains access to T2 guns & ammo, something which will increase mighty Rifters prowess.

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