Monday, 26 October 2009

Monday night is Rifter night

So I sit my ass inside my Pod, two people (including me) in local and undock the station. I am greeted by a Rifter sat outside. While under the station protection he rushes over to orbit me, locking me as soon as I am out of the stations clutches. He opens fire so we tackle each other. My shields are gone in the blink of an eye and he's into my armour. I establish an orbit and break his shields. His armour is going fairly quickly but I'm already into structure, my repper doing a sterling job of giving me a sliver of armour back every time he unleashes a volley but I'm bleeding into structure. Then I break through his armour and his structure vanishes under a couple of volleys, leaving me on around 10% armour & sturcture. Wow that was close. I realise after the fight that it was the pilot who took out my last Rifter when I had killed the Hurricane. Netting a superb haul of modules drops I leave the field surprisingly victorious and having beaten a character a lot older. It seems that my guess about him overheating his guns last encounter was probably right as all three of his 200mm Auto's had taken some damage when I came to repackage them for resale.

After safely depositing my ill gotten gains I set about another roam and soon find a Rifter pilot, a new player. Deciding I should enlighten him on EvE pvp I find him in a belt but he escapes as he's 40km away from my warp in point. I return to a safe waiting for him to undock from his station. Undock he does a few minutes later, I warp to a jump gate guessing that would be his choice and find him arriving a few seconds after I do, he jumps and I follow suit watching for where he warps to. I happily follow him to a belt and this time point him before he can escape. It took very little damage to drop him. His pod followed swiftly afterwards.

Now waiting out my GCC another fairly young pilot enters the system, and again in a Rifter. After a game of chase around the planets I catch up with him and we lock horns. Again the fight didn't last long and I disposed of his pod afterwards. I think he would have fared better had he not chosen to fit short and long range weapons.

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