Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Another repeat customer

Perhaps I am exhausting the supply of pilots new to the area of space that I roam or perhaps some capsuleers that I catch up with do not learn. Today I came across the chap who I killed at the weekend in his Thrasher again in a Thrasher and in the same system again.

Maybe he wasn't keeping an eye on local, I don't know. But I was able to scan him down quite easily and catch up with him in a belt. This time he was 25km away. I approached him and he locked me and began firing. I wasted no time in returning the compliment, noticing that I was neither webbed nor scrammed. The fight was a fairly close one with me bleeding into structure a couple of times but ultimately it was only going one way. After the pretty explosion I attempted a ransom on his pod but when given the opportunity to save his assumed implants he merely put something in local in what I assume was some variant of Russian.

What I also wonder about this guy, not that I am complaining mind you is why on earth did he engage me and not run away, I mean I had blown him up before on the previous time we met. He must have been optimistic. Perhaps next time knowing that I returned him to the clone vats will deter him from making the same mistake again.

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