Sunday, 4 October 2009

A busy evening

Tonight set out looking very quiet on a evening roam of the local systems. Continuing however in the hope of finding something to shoot I was not disappointed on entering a system and seeing a pilot flagged as an outlaw for some misdemeanor.

I fairly quickly, for my scanning skills are improving managed to scan him down at a planet, however also on scan was a second ship. Deciding to warp in anyway I saw both ships on the overview, around 20km apart. I set about the flashy red ship first, which was a Maller cruiser. It didn't take long to get through his shields but his armour was a different story. During the fight the other ship, an Omen cruiser engaged aswell sending his hammerhead drone after me. I switched fire from the Maller which by this point was only at 60% armour to the drone and took it out fairly quickly. The pressure of the two ships and drone were starting to tell as smoke and flames pored from Baron Greenback. I got in a couple of rep cycles before dropping into the escape pod. Reviewing the fight in hindsight whilst on my way to grab another Rifter I would have been comfortably able to take out the Maller solo were it not for the other guy who joined in.

The second engagement of the evening took place after another spell of unsuccessful roaming. Back in my home system I scanned down a Rifter, piloted by a five year old character, warping into the belt I tackled the other Rifter, but took no fire in return (not that I noticed at the time), very quickly a Crow Interceptor warped in starting to pound on me with Rockets. I popped the Rifter but was heavily into armour/structure. Switching to tackle the Crow I took out some of his shields before been relegated for the second time this evening to my pod, luckily escaping with my pod. Again with hindsight, had I noticed that the Rifter wasn't shooting me I could easily have downed the crow and then the Rifter, but then I live and learn. Clearly the Rifter was bait.

Back to the station to pickup another Rifter. Only 4 days to go now until learning skills are finished and I can start training real combat skills.

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