Friday, 16 October 2009

Avast ya swabs, I be having me some Tech 2 Auto's

Well as of yesterday morning I am very pleased to say that I am now able to fit and use T2 Autocannons. I had hoped that yesterday evening I would get opportunity to slap a trio of them on my current rusty steed Nero and give them a taste of first blood but unfortunately I found no suitable targets on my short roam.

This morning I came across a Cormorant shortly after logging in, choosing the range to fight it at was a nightmare as it had both blasters and railguns fitted. It was a reasonably close run thing as by the end of the fight I had only 25% armour remaining but once the shields were gone on the Destroyer it went down quickly along with its pilot's Pod.

These latest kills renders my officially an Outlaw at -5.66 Security Status which is something else I can check off the to-do list.

Unfortunately tonight my long serving (for me) rusty steed Nero bit the dust. I had the bit between my teeth chasing down a hauler warping between belts when the hauler and I warped into a belt which had a Vexor and Wolf in it, needless to say Nero did not make it out alive.

Tomorrow I can look forward to strapping some weapons rigging to the Rifter for even more punch. The downside to all this T2 and upgrading the bog standard Rifter is of course the cost. Including rigging a fresh out of the box Rifter will be coming in at 3.5-4m isk rather than the 800k that it did a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. I really love you're stories, hope to meet ya once in the game :P