Sunday, 11 October 2009

A poor day in the saddle

Today has been sub-par, I think that would put it mildy. I have lost two Rifters today but it feels like I have lost many more.

The first fight was quite enjoyable against a fellow Rifter pilot of similar age, it was incredibly close fought and came down to structure, he finished on 20%, I finished on none. Had I been in my cap-boosted fit there is no doubt I would have been the victor.

This evening I tracked down a Thrasher to a belt and went in guns blazing, or so I thought. Wondering why I was doing zero damage to him I noticed at 20% armour that my guns were inactive (Doh!), I attempted to warpout but didn't make it before I had been reduced to my pod. An embarrassing loss but the opposing pilot was good natured about it.

This evening I located a young pilot in a Rifter and throwing caution to the wind engaged, not optimistically after the days performance so far. He died and so did his pod. His fit was bad and I think I did Rifters the world over a favour by killing this one.

I feel that my confidence in my original "classic" pvp Rifter is diminishing so perhaps this is why I am dissatisfied with the days performance as I have been "using up" my stockpile of classics.

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