Friday, 9 October 2009

First night with some combat skills

Well tonight has been my first evenings play with some actual combat skills, still very basic but hey, its an improvement. Also I decided a few days back that my next 4 Rifters would test a cap-boosted setup:

3 x 150mm AC
Rocket Launcher
Small cap booster with "200" charges
200mm Plate
Small Armour Rep
Damage Control

So tonight was fairly quiet until I happened upon a fairly new player in Thrasher, there was an Arazu hopping about but I decided to chance it. As I warped in the Destroyer was engaged with three Angel rats which became two as I entered scram range. It was over very quickly as the Thrasher was already without shields due to the rats, the pod also followed very swiftly.

The performance of the new Rifter setup packs a greater dps than my normal by around 15%, I have yet to really test this properly so will report back when I have done so in a more balanced fight.

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