Saturday, 10 October 2009

Performance Review: Cap Boosted Rifter

As promised in yesterdays post I would review the performance of the new loadout after it's first fair fight. Just now it got it's first test. Up against a pilot 5-6 months older than me at the very least it was going to be a tough fight, clearly attempting to scan each other down in the system I landed at a belt before she did, but I was on the way to warp out to a nearby planet as I didn't want the belt rats to sway any fight against me. Landing at the planet she soon came in landing just 11km from me.

The distance was closed and we crossed swords, she had the advantage of a web and I had the advantage of a cap-booster. It was a very close run thing in the end and I can categorically state that the cap booster was what allowed me to fly away victorious. Even with it I came away from the fight having consumed 6 "200" charges and with 52% structure remaining. Looking at her fit from the killmail I am very pleased to have beaten a Rifter fit with T2 guns & tank which bodes well compared to my low skills and Meta 1/2 modules.

This also now brings me into a favourable kill/loss ration which is nice, not that I expect it to last.


After downtime I spotted a Wolf piloted by a player 6 months older than me. I decided to seek and engage, perhaps buoyed by the performance this morning. Unfortunately it was not to be and although I made it through his shields quickly enough and into his armour the superior firepower he could bring to bear blew me to pieces very quickly once through my shields. Lesson learned for now!

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