Friday, 23 October 2009

Rifter kills Hurricane (ableit failfitted)

Later on in the evening, in Ofage I found a Cyno Field, the scanner didn't show a POS or station at it's location so I warped to it and blew up the Kestrel that was generating it, a second frigate that was unmanned was 120km away so I took a trip over to it and blew that up too for good measure.

While waiting for my GCC to expire a month old player in a Hurricane entered the belts, quickly scanning him down and warping to him I had him pointed within a few seconds. I then wondered what the stranged noise was. The strange noise was from the Lasers that were on this Hurricane, now this abomination really had to die. He was fighting three Angel frigates which were going down very slowly. I made good progress through his ship and was rewarded with a pretty explosion. Now as I targetted his pod another Rifter entered the fray and tackled me. I had noticed the pilot who was rather old in local before I engaged the Hurricane but you know me by now. I had little shields to speak of remaining by the time he opened fire on me. I first took care of the Pod and then switched to the Rifter, I got him down to about a third armour before I exploded but his damage was incredible in the speed it tore through me.

Nevertheless I felt satisfied with my days work and my first Battlecruiser kill, albeit a failfit one. This last Rifter (RIP) also I think is my longest lived, nearly surviving an entire week!

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