Saturday, 15 August 2009


My "buddy" had recommended that I download a program called EvEmon to plan my skill training, so dutifully I did when I first created the account. As you probably know it requires an API key from the EvE Online website. New accounts cannot obtain this for 72 hours which is a pain in this ass when you want to get it set up and plans in place!

So, last night being over 72 hours old I got hold of my API key, and all I can say is "Arrgh, learning skills!". After some time messing about with another program called EFT that I had been recommended to download I had created my preferred Rifter setup. I then knew what skills I needed to train and should train to get the most out of it. Entering all those skills into EvEmon gave me a training time of over 500 days, yikes! It then made some suggestions to me about learning skills which I accepted which brought it down to around a year of training time, the downside of course is that I now have a about a month of training time on learning skills ahead which is not what I had in mind! I doubt there will be many posts from me until it is done. I think I'll be bugging my "buddy" as some of these learning books are pricey to a noob like me.

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