Sunday, 4 April 2010

Decimating a Wormhole Mining Gang

Last night something happened which went so well we couldn't have asked for more.

In a system near to Hevrice a prober found four wormholes. Then across vent you hear something which surely cannot be true...

Prober> Err, guys. I have three Hulks mining in a wormhole
Other> No wai!
Prober> Way!
Other> No wai!
Other> You're joking right?
Prober> No wai!

(Above transcript fictional for poor attempt at humor, but you get the idea)

Immediately everyone starts burning back to base to get in the most useful ships, and once the gang composition is complete there are ten of us waiting at the wormhole entrance. The key component of the master plan being two Arazus each with three points. They take up positions after some sneaky manouvering, and just as they are about to decloak and engage points a Mastodon (T2 Hauler) arrives at the scene. The Arazus decloak and spread their points around while the rest of us make best speed across 50AU. A Drake appears on scene too as we land, which is primaried and destroyed in fairly short order. Once he's down we leisurely work our way through the rest to make sure everyone whores onto the killmails. All bar one of the enemy pilots manages to get their Pods out, the one we snag declines the ransom opportunity and is swiftly despatched. Cleaning up the scene of devastation we loot the wrecks, salvage all the wrecks (mmm T2 salvage) and steal the ore too. Nobody will ever know we were there right? A superbly orchestrated operation.


  1. This sounds like fun.

    I am new to the game but well versed in what I want to achieve. Your blog, as well as other Tusker pilots blogs has been an inspiration.

    Like yourself, I plan to master the rifter. I am not quite sure yet if a life of piracy is for me but we shall see. :-)

    ps (how do I go about getting lots of followers?)


  2. Thanks for the comment Miura, I hope you enjoy the Rifter as much as I do.

    I can only recommend posting with reasonable regularity to get a following. Get your blog added at eve-bloggers and on CK's eve blogroll. Before working on building a following, if thats what you are looking for then build a fair few posts so people do come and read get a good feel of who you are and what your blog's about so that they follow you and come back for more.


  3. I'll never get why you guys didn't ransom them for a fortune..

    I heard Sully wanted the killmails. Silly Sully is silly. °~°

  4. Thanks Kirith, will do that for sure. Rifter will be fun I am sure.


  5. Some guys have all the luck. Good kills and lolz