Saturday, 17 April 2010


I have a couple of blog posts lined up but they are not finished yet, and I don't really want to post them until they are complete.

Whilst contemplating subject matter and topics for future posts I wanted to throw out to the readership the opportunity for you to tell me what you would like to see in print, or perhaps anything you would like me to answer. Post your ideas as comments or send Kirith Darkblade an in game eve-mail.

On a separate note, after my recent spate of ship losses I have for the last few days gone back to my roots, where I cut my teeth as a pirate to my Heimatar/Metropolis jump clone. It's been nice to fly around some quieter space and get reacquainted with some old faces and indeed to meet some new ones too.

It also seems that I can't keep a low profile anymore, as lots of people are reading this on their Iphones or the net and greet me in local. Don't get me wrong thats great and its good opportunity for either a polite conversation or even impromtu roams with fellow piratical sorts. I do however always feel rather guilty about talking to them on one hand whilst systematically hunting and destroying them with the other. So I guess the moral to the story is that even if we are having a nice chat, then unless we are fleeted up you are still fair game and no hard feelings!


  1. If you didn't shoot me, I'd be upset ;)

  2. I agree - bottom line, if I didn't want to be shot at, I wouldn't be out there PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

    And the Heimatar/Metropolis area is my home. I don't mess with low-sec much, but that is changing.

    Hope to see you out there.

  3. Might be a bit late to the game but I think something interesting, albeit potentially long winded and loaded with difficult juctures, would be your opinion on the current frigateering scene in eve. By that I mean the life of frigate pilots 'professionally' (first choice of ship regardless of skills etc)

    Could lead to an interesting discussion, I think the biggest change has been in the way of faction frigates, with a select few coming into mind for obvious reasons.

  4. Kishin, thanks for the suggestion.

    PS. Where are you lately, I keep seing your kills at ridiculous hours in the night. Have you become nocturnal?

  5. Despite having had a heartfelt conversation in vent to the amusement of fellow Tuskers about this with you, for the sake of replying to your comment after having the gall to ask if you had seen my existing comment; yes I became nocturnal for a good while. I am OK now and we shall hunt together soon!