Saturday, 22 May 2010

Mr Snypes

The Tuskers seem to be renowned for their blogging, you enter a system and frequently are greeted by comments about Tuskers and blogging. Usually complimentary comments I should add, rarely negative, sometimes its just why do so many Tuskers write blogs?

Fellow Tusker and pirate of some significant repute Mr Snypes has recently gotten a blog up and running. I would recommend heading over to have a read, it's one of the most amusing blogs that I read and always makes me smile. Especially as when I read it I seem to read it with the voice of Snypes in my head!

PS. The pictures of his cabin crew certainly add some appeal too...


  1. +1 Mr Snypes's blog is just great, a refreshing and new spin on blogging. Check it out!

    ^^ that sounds like a back page film review!



  2. +1+1=2+go read...

    But seriously, it's good fun.

  3. Very nice, here are some more wonderful reviews I've received.

    "+1 Reading Mr Snypes' blog changed my life. His insightful words inspired the way I look at space and time itself." - Stephen Hawking

    "After reading this blog I won the lottery!!!" - Rip Taylor