Wednesday, 9 June 2010

You are now entering...Godmode

It's not often that I am at a loss for words, but I think simply "wow" suffices.

You all know that I have been working towards getting into a Dramiel. Well, Gallente Frigate V is finished and I stepped into one a few days ago. Since then it's been just insane. In just a few days I have used this little frigate to destroy 742m ISK in ships & modules. That's three quarters of a billion! Sure not all were solo, some small gang work is in there but the ship was certainly capable of soloing them all given the opportunity. I'm not going to share my fit with you just yet but rest assured it will be coming soon.

Undocking in the Dramiel feels to me like entering something of a godmode. You feel indestructible and uncatchable. Of course I am neither of these things but it is the sensation that i get from flying it. I daresay that my current feeling for the ship will fade and it will become normal and all other frigates will seem subpar.

I think it is that my current 15 million SP specialised into Matari Frigates matches perfectly with the Dramiel to make such an insane craft. The ship isn't as good as it is hyped and can be killed but it inspires such confidence in the pilot that almost anything is worth a shot especially given the terror with which other pilots hold it when it is baring down on them. The Dramiel is truly terrifying to most Frigate pilots.

I will be interested to see how long my first Dramiel lasts, it will indeed be a sad day when it is lost.

In other news,

A quick big thanks to Trony and he I am sure will know why.

AT8: The Tusker Bastards Alliance Team unfortunately lost their first match, well played HUN and good fight. We claimed some points from HUN Reloaded and hope to make the cut after our second match this Sunday against the Dead Terrorists. Will be interesting to see if the Apoc's do any better this time. I had a great time watching the matches live and listening to the reactions on Tusker vent.

Chewing my way slowly through some Rank 2 Gunnery skills at the moment which will make the Dram even more evil.

My Bounty went up to over 30m iskies \o/. Now I really hope not to be podded!


  1. Hey Bro, have a buddy pod ya and split the bounty.

  2. I can fly a Dramiel but I don't have the specific gun skills I want yet, so I have to settle for the Daredevil for now. When I first undocked in it and Angor (who has a Dramiel) and I went hunting, it felt like I was flying Darth Vader's ship, it is so kick-ass for a frigate. I know how you feel, awesome that we can still get excited over this.

  3. My problem with Dramiels is that the feeling of safety, in conjunction with the guilt I have of not being incredibly aggressive with such an amazing ship, always makes me wind up dead before I can even come close to recouping expenses.

    Tackling a Gila? Not such a great idea in retrospect.

  4. Manasi, I like to have the bounty and my pride won't let me do that.

    The little Evil Bastard is just so much fun to fly.