Saturday, 10 July 2010

What's the most badass looking pirate ship in EVE?

My good friend, wingman and all around awesome pilot Kishin asked the other day, which ship in EVE do we think portrays piracy or a pirate the best? On pondering it, I find it a tough question to answer as there are so many different angles that can be taken. For example is it to be best defined by most successful, the one that leaves the victim feeling violated the most etc? I chose to think about this from a purely visual perspective, thus I present my shortlist of ships that I consider to be the most aesthetically badass looking pirate ships in EVE.

Curse (Amarr Recon)

Malediction (Amarr Interceptor)

Nightmare (Sansha Battleship)

Vagabond (Minmatar Heavy Assault Ship)

Vindicator (Serpentis Battleship)

Well, that's a quick top five and I admit that the pirates would have to be pretty well off to fly most of those as vessels of piracy, what do you think and do you have a view on the most badass looking pirate ship?


  1. Malediction all the way! As if the T1 hull wasn't badass enough looking... Now make it black? It's double badass.

  2. Dramiel, hands down!

    Where's the picture of the Dramiel?

  3. Clinton, the Dramiel just reminds me too much of the Alien Frigates from Independence Day to be a badass Pirate Ship in appearance. It looks a bit like a bumper car from the back imo :P

  4. I love you Kirith!

    Mine would have to be the Rep Fleet Firetail to be honest.

    The Crusader looks pretty sexy if put in the right light:

    I can fly Dramiel now so we need to go kill things.

  5. No Taranis? I am disappoint. Looks pretty damn badass with blasters.

  6. The Vagabond always reminds me of Falkor the Luck Dragon from NeverEnding Story.

  7. In your first screenshot there's not a Pilgrim not Curse. Curse is dark black with grey shineys and light blue lights on hull, as well as standard light blue exhaust.