Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Infamous 'Rifter Plan'

One of the most frequent questions that I have been asked by readers of this blog concerns my continued reference to the Rifter Plan.

For those of you unfamiliar with this phenomenon, The Rifter Plan is the skill training plan that I created when I first created Kirith. I wanted him to be able to fly a max-skilled Rifter and be something approaching the most deadly Rifter out there flying the low-sec space lanes. I could summarise simply by saying that the plan takes every skill which affects the Rifter to level V. Now once some readers have seen the plan they will say "but that doesn't max-skill my Rifter", well all I can say is that it does for mine. Some of you will say that I shouldn't waste time taking those skills that only give a small bonus to V and that I should concentrate on more ships etc. This is my plan, I'm happy with it and will not be swayed.

The initial idea was to stick with this plan until completion and then move onto another plan, however I have swayed a little from this mantra to get into some different ships. At least every other skill that Kirith trains is one of my Rifter plan skills.

So without any further adieu, I present the skills that I will have trained by the end of the Rifter plan:

- Electronics V
- Propulsion Jamming V
- Signature Analysis V

- Energy Management V
- Energy Systems Operation V
- Engineering V
- Shield Management V
- Shield Operation V
- Tactical Shield Manipulation V

- Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
- Gunnery V
- Motion Prediction V
- Rapid Firing V
- Shrapshooter V
- Small Autocannon Specialisation V
- Small Projectile Turret V
- Surgical Strike V
- Trajectory Analysis V
- Weapon Upgrades V

- Hull Upgrades V
- Jury Rigging III
- Mechanic V
- Projectile Weapon Rigging V
- Repair Systems V

Missile Launcher Operation
- Missile Bombardment V
- Missile Launcher Operation V
- Missile Projection V
- Rapid Launch V
- Rocket Specialisation V
- Target Navigation Prediction V
- Warhead Upgrades V

- Acceleration Control V
- Afterburner V
- Evasive Manouvering V
- Fuel Conservation V
- Navigation V
- Warp Drive Operation V

- Thermodynamics V

Spaceship Command
- Minmatar Frigate V
- Spaceship Command V

Many of these skills are either prerequisite for bigger ships & weapon systems or will scale beautifully when I upship.

That's all for me today.


  1. This is a difficult comment for me to make.
    On the one hand I admire what your doing, I really do think its admirable and wish I had the will power to do it, You will have an awesomely strong pilot after it.

    On the other hand I have a problem or two with your skill plan. Where is

    Signature analysis: Skill at operating Targeting systems. 5% improved targeting speed per skill level. ? Surely this is important for your rifter?

    And possibly long range targeting....though given how infrequently anyone uses sensor damps I can understand not using it.

    However it your plan and I wish you all the best with it.

  2. I like this idea of a rifter plan. Looking forward to the results.

  3. Tom, I omitted Sig Analysis V. I have it fully trained. Edited the original post :) I left out long range targeting due to my fits operating within Scram range.

    Flash, all these little benefits do make a noticeable difference. My Rifters kick ass :)

  4. All I can say is that I have never seen a difference between tact shield manip to 4 and 5. Also I cant figure out the use of having small proj rigging to 5 is unless its to a ship that doesnt normally have projectiles on it, i.e. punisher. Once you have Advanced weapon upgrades and small poj rigging to 4 I believe that you can fit any guns and proj rigs you need on a rifter, heck any minnie frig T1/2 that I can think of. Might want to check out what I said in eve fit though. See if you can save some time if there is no benefit to them. And see about getting some extra skills to help out that oddball fit that comes to mind to try out, like the td rifter, with T2 td fit soloing most amarr ships becomes easy even when you fit it like me with now tank but a dcu.

  5. This is pretty badass. I'll remember not to take your rifter lightly if I ever come across you.
    Good job o7

  6. This is awesome! This is exactly what I'm seeking to do as a newer player. How do you suggest I go about remapping my attributes to take full advantage of this planning?

  7. Hey Ben,

    Really it depends on what skills you have right now and how you are currently mapped. If you still have a two rempas available then things get even more funky. Downloading and using a program like EVEMon will help you deteremine what to try, when and how to map your attributes.