Thursday, 20 October 2011

So.. Podmails...Yay!

I was surprised and delighted to read the latest devblog a moment ago:

devblog can be found here

"Killmails are great. They serve as reminders of good fights (or dubious mistakes). They let you measure losses inflicted on your enemy in cold hard ISK. They also demonstrate some interesting choices in ship fitting, or cargo-movement attempts. If you're so inclined, they provide a way to track your kill/death ratio, and measure it against your peers. I especially like the ones where a pod gets squished. But I’ve always felt that those pod-mails were missing a certain... something.

In the forthcoming Winter expansion, we’re adding a much-requested piece of additional information to capsule killmails: They will now list the fitted implants of the unfortunate victim."

Although it's not going to change my gameplay, as a pirate they are going to make some real nice reads. I wonder if resources like Battleclinic & killboards will list the value lost in implants in the mails, hope so :)

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