Friday, 24 August 2012

A little quiet

I've been somewhat quiet on the blogging front, this is mainly as I'm enjoying broadcasting my live stream so much! I know I've only been live streaming a very short time but its been a blast.

I'm finding that I'm being more agressive in finding fights and taking greater risks. Sure this means that I'm losing more ships but its fun! There's an element that I want to make the stream into good viewing when I'm considering targets. It is also nice to be able to ask the viewers what they want me to fly.

I had my biggest isk loss to date yesterday to Balkan Express and it got caught on camera.

There have been several comedy moments too, like the UNDEAD alliance gang that jumped on my Rifter, all 20 or so of them including Battleships to the poor Russian Wolf pilot who lost his 150 mil Wolf and associated 280 mil Pod. He could've paid 15 mil to save the Pod but didn't even try to overcome the laguage barrier despite my best Google translate attempts.

I got myself into a 1v1 (which I don't normally do) against Astral Dominix, a fellow blogger and told him afterwards that he'd just been on TV! Gf Astral, maybe next time.

Following a suggestion I've also created an in game channel called KD Twitch, so you're welcome to drop in.

And finally, the censored panel isn't off centre, it's just hiding standings. It's the most common comment people make :P

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