Sunday, 2 September 2012

August 2012 Character Review

August heralded the arrival of a new PC for me. This meant that I no longer was playing on a two year old laptop which struggled mightily with heat issues. The new PC has allowed me to actually play Eve on something other than the lowest graphics settings and also has allowed me to start live streaming on, something which I've wanted to do for some time but that the laptop couldn't cope with.

I don't know whether it is the addition of streaming to my gameplay that's changed it but I've been finding myself in a lot more fights, granted I've been losing quite a few. I think there is an element of wanting to engage as much as possible for the sake of good TV.

Here's are the kill/loss stats for August:

51 Ship Kills (33 Solo)

9 Pod Kills (9 Solo)

10,113,817,303 Isk Cost to victims (216,033,025 Isk received in loot drops)

9 Ships Lost (282,557,175 Isk cost of losses)

66,524,1500 Isk Loss in the Month

So, yeah 10 billion Isk in damage done in a month, that's got to be a record for me! These are the ships which I lost:

Crow. I lost this while interfering in a fight going on between an Enyo and a Drake. I wasn't the only one to interfere however as a Thorax also came to get in on the action. I ended up bouncing off an asteroid into the scram of the Thorax which was curtains.

Rifter x 2. The first I lost when I yellow boxed a Proteus on a gate. He agressed then 20 of his mates in T2 ships of assorted classes plus about 7 Battleships jumped through to kill me. The second I lost to a kiting Atron in a plex and his friends.

Thrasher. Lost to an Incursus & Atron duo, managed to take the Atron down with me. This Thrasher was arty fit and had zero tank.

Jaguar. Lost this when I engaged a Hookbill, paying the price for an MWD fit, subsequently got scrammed and kitied to my doom.

Prophecy. Left over from an old roam and with insurance about to expire it was lost to "damn" ECM and a 9 man goons frigate swarm. Tanked like a boss for a long time.

Stiletto. Lost to a Nighthawk whilst the gang was en-route, Nighthawk died though!

Dramiel. Lost to a Vexor and Jaguar combo. Landed on the Vexor quite by accident and paid the price for thinking it was  noob ratting Vexor.

Drake. Lost to a very close fight with a Cyclone on the way back home from Heimatar. My favourite fight of the month, closely followed by the Prophecy vs frigate gang.

Here's what Kirith's skills look like today:

This is what Kirith has been training in August and the skills he's completed:

Electronic Superioty Rigging I
Electronic Superioty Rigging II
Electronic Superioty Rigging III
Electronic Superioty Rigging IV
Combat Drone Operation V
Explosive Armor Compensation I
Explosive Armor Compensation II
Explosive Armor Compensation III
Explosive Armor Compensation IV
EM Armor Compensation I
EM Armor Compensation II
EM Armor Compensation III
EM Armor Compensation IV
Kinetic Armor Compensation I
Kinetic Armor Compensation II
Kinetic Armor Compensation III
Kinetic Armor Compensation IV
Thermic Armor Compensation I
Thermic Armor Compensation II
Thermic Armor Compensation III
Thermic Armor Compensation IV

At the end of the month Drone Interfacing V was training with nearly two weeks to run. It's part of my finishing off drone skills plan. As with last month there is always the temptation to cross train weapon systems but my will is remaining strong despite wanting to participate in some Tusker gangs which primarily are Armour HACS at the moment with the Deimos & Zealot being favourite, obviously neither of which I can fly.

I have continued station trading with my alt in August with a totally changed product list from the months before. It's certainly paid dividends, which is great as I've been losing lots of ships. PI has been inactive as I've preferred to get out in space and shoot things.

I haven't been in game the last week, nor done any streaming as my new PC developed a problem with the graphics card fan causing it to permanently run at 79 decibels. It has now been fixed so I'll be back in space in the coming days.

Total Ransoms Received: 632,360,662.30 Isk received in ransoms (22 million received in August) Battleclinic Rank: 433 (+5)
Bounty: 210,125,000 Isk (+15,000 Isk)

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  1. Reading this blog occupied much of my free time over a summer weekend vacation. Great read, keep it up!