Friday, 22 March 2013

Facing a cliff

Hi There,

Not entirely sure how many people are still following me as its been a while since my last entry. My apologies for going dark with no notice.

Though my accounts never lapsed I was not in game properly until recently. Much has happened over the last few months out of EVE. Things like moving house again coupled with a huge uplift in workload.

I doubt I'll return to the levels of play I had previously, but this is EVE and you never can swear to things like that. I have decided that live streaming has to be parked as I can't justify the space on a dual screen rig plus my new house doesn't get fibre broadband yet.

Anyhow, I wanted to talk about my experience in coming back to the game.

Returning to EVE has been hard. I return to be met with changes to most ships I can fly. Additionally I have many ships in my hangar all of which were fit and are now equipped with obsolete fits. The crimewatch changes also happened changing the aggression and flagging rules.

So where do you begin when confronted by this degree if change?

Crimewatch perhaps is the least disruptive as I have flown how I used to and suffered no unexpected problems. I do like that you can now dock safely after fighting in a belt. I still have little clue about the changes though.

The changes in ship roles and stats. Well that's a bit more frustrating as although I'm learning I still know little about the changes made to ships I'm warping in on. Obviously this also affects my choice of ship to undock too. I've found that I'm undocking ships that haven't changed like the Rifter and losing them easily against newly tweaked opposition.

To overcome this problem I've decided to basically get everything in my hangar exploded and start over building load outs from scratch again. I will have to refit many ships in my hangar with weird and sub-optimal fits to lose them but I guess that's part of the price of taking such a long unplanned break.

Enjoy reaping my ships!



  1. Welcome back! Slasher is great now as too is the Atron. I've been hearing good things about the Tristan too but haven't given it a try personally.

  2. Welcome back.

    one note on Crimewatch: You do something bad in range of gate guns, you get "GCC" but if you warp off the gate guns won't shoot at you when you warp back even if you are still criminal. In other words, the 15 min GCC is dead. \o/