Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hey again space fans!

Nice to see a few familiar faces in the comments of the last post. Hey guys (&gals).

I should probably do an update on September as the scores are now in and I could also do a character review I guess. That said I'm using a computer at work during my lunch break to pen this so I don't have the information handy. Next time perhaps if you lot of filthy pirates are still interested?

So what can I tell you about thhat's happened this last week....?

Well, I moved about 25 ships from Hevrice to a new staging system (Dastryns). One day I'll return the isk investement in that carrier! Choosing what to take is tough though, blimey. I'm indecisive enough at the best of times. I've tried to cover lots of bases with what I took but as I'm still re-learning so who knows if I've taken a good selection!

I've blown up lots of space pixels, both my own and other peoples. Got my first Tengu kill (I think), yes I know they've been around years now. Caught him in a mission/escalation with a Vengeance and held him while a corp mate in an Ishtar squished him.

Had some great conversations with some new players, one of which put up an awesome fight in a Thorax yesterday morning: Thorax Kill

Bought some new hulls to play with like a Hookbill, Comet and Kestrel. We'll see if I can break my habit of losing expensive faction hulls this month.

When I left, battleclinic ranked my 434, well my inactivity has seen that drop down to 1,238 so I have a lot of catching up to do. Best get the game face on!

Oh, and another thing. What happened to bounties? I was sat on a 200m isk bounty when I went away and now it's gone. Where did the iskies go? Anyone know?

Until next time, when I have more time to write . . . . o7

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