Sunday, 27 September 2009

Chalk up first Rifter and Pod kill

I'm still training Clarity V but got another kill this morning just before downtime. Having just delivered myself a few more Rifters with my hauler alt I noticed on my way through the system an 8 day old player in a Rifter cruising the belts, lots of wrecks present in the belts too.

Logging over to Kirith after delivering the aforementioned Rifters I set off to see if I could track down this Rifter pilot, he seemed quite canny as on my first scan of the system and it belts by the time I had warped to the belt that he was in, he had docked up. Seeing a Magnate pilot warp into the system and subsequently into a neighbouring system I set off in pursuit, unfortunately they went straight to the station so I decided to head back from whence I came and see if I could find the Rifter pilot again.

While I was scanning the system for him he appeared back on scan and within a minute I had him pinpointed down to a belt. Deciding to warp to zero I landed 20km from him, whether he didn't see me or register the danger I don't know but I was able to close on him down to 8km before locking and scramming him, from now there was no escape for him. I worked my way through his shields, pleased to see that he was actively shield tanked, before long I was into his armour and soon after his structure. I contemplated a ransom but decided against it as I want my flashy -10 security status. Boom went his Rifter, I quickly locked onto his pod and blew that to smithereens too with just 4 minutes to downtime.

I almost warped to dock up but about 1 second before warping managed to cancel the warp, remembering that I had the Global Criminal Cooldown to wait out lest I be blown up myself by sentry guns!

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