Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tuskers kill another Carrier

Yes, earlier this week the Tuskers killed another Carrier, this time a Thanatos was brought low by The Tuskers.

I was minding my own business in Hulmate after having tried and failed to take out an Arbitrator in my Rifter, kudos to the Arbi pilot for having a nasty setup to take on my Rifter with along with a flock of horrible Warrior II's. Following a recent small gang roam I was the only one left in a Vent sub channel when Proxxxy came into the channel, stated that they had a Carrier tackled in Muetralle and told me to haul ass and come in the biggest ship I had.

Not needing to be told twice I shot from the system, running the fearsome game guns with my GCC, I had one dicey moment in Jovainnon where I took two volleys from the sentries but otherwise made it to rendezvous with the fleet. Given that I was at the time in my biggest ship (Rifter) I didn't need to stop off in Hevrice to reship. First order of the day for Tacklers was hold point on the Thanatos and take out drones whilst doing so. His drones & fighters fell swiftly each time they were launched. I had to warp out once when I had a viscious swarm of 13 Hornet II's after me.

The fight was fairly plain sailing and was nowhere near the difficulty of killing the Archon a week or two earlier and so it wasn't long before the mighty Capital ship was destroyed. The pilot, after messing about with ransom attempts refused to pay and was summarily despatched. Looking at the fit I do wonder why he had three sensor boosters fitted, any ideas?


  1. I missed this one . . . But, I have noticed more and more carriers on the scene, so to speak.

    Here's hoping for more of the same. :)


  2. That sensor booster thing i dont now why, its common tho, as i've seen 2-3 carriers around my alliances stations sometimes, with sensor boosters blasting, perhaps its for additonal range for targetting and sicking drones on people? honestly no idea.

  3. Carriers have got horrible scan resolution. So a sensor booster or two is common. Helps with locking people faster for reps or drones for self-defense. Carriers are more likely to assign fighters or drones to an escort that can actually lock quickly though.

    Four SBs is ridiculous. Only thing he can use them for is to micro-manage his drones while running L5 missions (which I assume he must've been doing due to lack of lol-point...) This carrier could've done really well in an L5. Good (probably cap stable or close) tank for PVE, lots of drones with DCUs (14 I think?) so he can make quick work of the scramming/webbing frigs and cruisers. Fighters for anything BS-sized and bigger with enough cap to tank while the fighters are taking out the neut towers.