Sunday, 31 January 2010

January 2010 Character Review

Yes, another month has gone by and it doesn't feel like it. I guess being extremely busy OOG contributes a lot.

372 days remaining on my training plan sees that every skill remaining to train is currently at level IV, just a single exception is Advanced Weapon Upgrades which I have yet to commence training due to not yet having Weapon Upgrades, its prerequisite at V yet. Having all my skills at a minimum of level IV certainly show through in combat performance. Rarely are my losses of late down to another ship out-lasting me, usually pilot error!

I keep being tempted to train for something bigger, mainly so that I can be useful to Battlecruiser roams. I think my first Battlecruiser will be the Drake when I do eventually take the plunge. Heavy Assault Missile or Heavy Missile fit I don't yet know. My willpower is still holding fast though for now.

Kirith's total SP's have increased by a shade over 1.5m this month and conversely to last month his Gunnery skills haven't changed at all this month. Instead the rest of the skill trees have been worked on to give a much more even spread of SP's.

I have looked at swapping implants up to +2's from +1's but I haven't yet as I have the distinct feeling I am bound to get podded the moment I undock with them and I just don't have the isk to throw away like that. Also, as I jump clone a lot I would want to put the same implants in all my clones. Perhaps I will upgrade them the next time I get podded.

Wallet balance still sits at just over 100m isk at 104m isk.

In terms of Battleclinic stats, some notes:
- The Tuskers are now ranked 42nd, up 10 places in the last month!
- Kirith has 202 kills for 42 losses, my kill:loss ratio dropping this month.
- Kirith has been involved in the destruction of over 2.4bn of assets.

My Corp mate Noir Avlaa posted a similar character review last month, I hope he continues this as I find it extremely interesting comparing our two characters skill sets, Noir is just a couple of months "older" than Kirith.


  1. I can indeed recomment getting Adv. Weapon Upgrades, I just trained it and it allows for better fittings due to the powergrid savings.

    For my mission fit I could fit an additional heavy launcher, I however don't know how this translates to PvP.

  2. Advanced Weapon Upgrades will come in time, I think it's scheduled for March or April. At the moment with me only flying the Rifter I don't have any issues fitting them as I want. Once I move onto other ships I am sure it will be of great benefit.

    Thank you for the comment