Friday, 8 January 2010

Oh noes, it's a tarp!

Yep, that's right. I fell into a tarp and lost another Rifter.

I was doing a bit of racing around looking for targets and as I warped to a gate I saw a Caracal in front of me. I don't know whether they were there by chance or were waiting for some peaceful citizen like myself to arrive. I didn't notice the pilot's name as they warped out as I landed, following their trajectory I went to the only belt at that location and landed right on top of them. Turns out that their Caracal was anti-frigate setup and I soon went down in flames, in retrospect there was no way that I could have survived that fight so that makes me feel slightly better. After giving "gf" in local they commented that I was free to collect my loot which was awfully nice of them. Note to self, don't pick on ~2 year old players in anti-frig setup Caracals.

Being in somewhat of a dry spell for kills I was itching to shoot something. I saw a Cyclone on scan piloted by a 2 month old player. He docked up as soon as I appeared and logged off without returning in the half hour I waited (Gave me time to make some bookmarks in the system though!). After I had pretty much given up waiting another Rifter pilot was on scan. Eventually he attacked me at the station and his ship had no chance of breaking my tank so I just selected keep at range and blew him to bits =). However I then made an error in that I locked and scrammed his Pod, then blew it to bits to stop him docking up. I did though completely forget about the sentry guns who quickly deposited me into a Pod of my own. Doh!

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