Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Wolf

I've been able to fly Minmatar Assault Ships for a couple of months or so now, first I tried the Jaguar and was left dissappointed. Second I tried the Wolf, and again was left feeling dissappointed.

I would really like to love flying these ships but somehow they just don't do it for me. My most fundamental reason for the dislike stems from the lack of the Rifter hulls tracking bonus. Throw that on them and they would go up no-end in my estimations. However, they are what they are unless CCP changes them.

I have lost three Wolves thus far I think, two of them them against possibly the worst type of ship for them to fight against, Arbitrator & Pilgrim. The other I lost trying to solo a Drake. Typing those sentences makes me realise that perhaps my expectations of this Frigate hull have been perhaps rather high!

I have only been running a single fit on my Wolf thus far, which is as follows:

[Wolf, KD: 125mm & rep]

4x 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II (Republic Fleet EMP S)
Rocket Launcher II (Foxfire Rage Rocket)

Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters
Fleeting Progressive Warp Scrambler I

Damage Control II
Small Armor Repairer II
Gyrostabilizer II
400mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
Small Projectile Burst Aerator I

My skills:
8560 EHP
860 m/s
227 dps
Runs the rep for around a minute

I am determined to keep testing Assault ships as I really do want to like them, perhaps the changes in Tyrannis to insurance will make this mission a bit easier on the wallet.


  1. I've personally had some good success with the Wolves I've flown, much more so than any of the Jaguars I have fielded. I would say that it is incredibly gang orientated though, I just don't like it for solo pvp.

    The Jaguar is a disappointing ship in my opinion too, though for solo pvp it does outshine the Wolf. Hopefully something will break and they'll get the love they deserve!

  2. You know, I think the problem might be that you both fly your Jaguars as recklessly as your Rifters. No wonder they don't get a chance to shine when you throw them at the next battlecruiser. :D

    I for one can't complain about the Jaguar just yet. It's the one reason I bougth the AF skillbook. Granted, not much fights in it yet, but the shield tank is just epic imo (especially its resistances!) and it's the fastest AF out there - no problem for this falloff fighter to disengage against bigger ships should need be.

  3. Good point, well made about recklessness Jax ;D

  4. I have jaguar fit for heavy tackling. 2 X sensor boosters mean that I lock almost as fast as a stiletto. I can survive a few hits and still 'get the job done'..I dont use AC's as I ahve to get to close but with 280's I hit 20km optimal + 10K falloff so as a heavy tackler she rocks.

  5. Stopped flying AF a while back, I just get more use out of my interceptors these days. Sig-radius size, speed and frig tank for AF's tend to spell disaster!

    I still have a soft spot for Wolves though. Especially a arty wolfpack :)

  6. Manasi, Sounds like an interesting concept that could be worth a try.

    Logan, Arty do you cope with the tracking?

  7. Late reply, but usually I don't use a point, just a web or two. Like an Arty thrasher, anything that comes into range is usually dead before they realize it =)