Sunday, 8 April 2012

March 2012 Character Review

Let's start with the statistics by month:

27 Ship kills (25 Solo)
10 Pod kills (9 Solo)
701,368,381 isk cost to victims
3 Ships lost (All Solo)
0 Pods lost
97,245,748 isk income from ships destroyed
37,260,615 isk cost of losses
59,985,133 isk ‘Profit’ for the month
Turning a nice profit for a successive month is very satisfying, As advised last month I have changed the way I choose my roaming ship, flying the ship which is about to come out of the insurance period. Admittedly I lost more ships than I would have liked, 3!
This is how the skill split is looking as of this morning:

These are the skills finished since the last review:

Interceptors V
Cynosaural Field Theory ILarge Projectile Turret ILarge Projectile Turret II Large Projectile Turret IIILarge Projectile Turret IV
Large Projectile Turret V
Cybernetics II
Cybernetics IIILarge Autocannon Specialization I
Large Artillery Specialization I
Cybernetics IV
Gallente Drone Specialization I

Large Autocannon Specialization II
Large Autocannon Specialization III

Currently training T2 projectiles to IV before Gallente Drones to IV. Just bought myself my first Tornado but have yet to use it in anger.

I picked up my trading again in March and have done well. Managing to make 478 million isk from station trading. Training towards my alt's Thanatos continues, but is many months from completion.

Total Ransoms Received: 550,360,662.30 (~)
Battleclinic Rank: 483 (+6)

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