Sunday, 15 April 2012

Totally Off Topic - Heartlands Cornwall

Lately I've gotten little time to practice my time roaming the space lanes, pirating my way to riches in EVE.

The reason for this, well the organisation I work for is now in the final stages before it's launched. I thought I'd tell you a little about it.

I work for a new Social Enterprise, a Charity called Heartlands Trust. It's located in Cornwall and is going to be responsible for running a new visitor attraction. It launches to the world this coming Friday.

Heartlands is predominantly funded by the lottery, and the whole development has been the beneficiary of £35 million funding to transform the 19 acre former derelict mining site in the heart of Cornwall's former industrial and mining hub.

After a long period from idea to reality, the site opens with a three day launch party Friday April 20th. The site is to be a free attraction to promote regeneration and inclusion and includes a very diverse offer including:

  • State of the art cornish mining exhibitions.
  • Restored engine house with 80" beam engine.
  • Biggest adventure playgroound in Cornwall.
  • Diaspora botanical gardens.
  • Red River Cafe & bar.
  • Art & craft studios.
  • Chi an Bobel community, conference & function hall.
  • Totem circle outdoor performance space.
  • Market square.
  • Outdoor events arena.
  • Interactive art installations.
  • 19 sustainable homes.
  • State of the art showcased renewable energy generation.
  • Year round events programme.
I encourage you to check out the website, and if you're in Cornwall or visiting to come along and experience Heartlands.


  1. I will be in Cornwall early September I think. If that adventure playground is open then I may have to pop in. :)

  2. It'll be open dude, would be great to finally meet you without us shotting each other ;).

  3. Only just noticed this :) Indeed it will. Cornwall is great, I love it.