Tuesday, 16 February 2010

And so I made a list.....

Lists aren't really my thing you see, and normally when I make them I tend to wish I hadn't. I'm really not a "list" person.

Well, yesterday I decided I would look at the four main factions in EVE and all the ships that they had to offer. From doing this I decided to make a list of the ships that I would like to fly, and by this I mean properly with are relevant skills trained to IV or V.

Well, oh boy and what a list it turned out to be:

- Broadsword
- Claw
- Claymore
- Cyclone
- Hurricane
- Jaguar
- Rapier
- Rupture
- Sabre
- Scimitar
- Sleipnir
- Stabber
- Stiletto
- Tempest
- Thrasher
- Vagabond
- Wolf

- Dominix
- Myrmidon

- Abaddon
- Armageddon
- Arbitrator
- Curse
- Damnation
- Harbinger
- Pilgrim
- Sacrilege
- Sentinel

- Blackbird
- Caracal
- Cerberus
- Crow
- Drake
- Falcon
- Kitsune
- Rook
- Scorpion

It's one hell of a list I'm certain you will agree. I think this is the point I knew would come some day, the point I paused the Rifter specialisation. After doing pitiful DPS last night against the Archon, the ability to up-ship would have been very useful and as such I beleive that once I get my current skill finished and Advanced Weapon Upgrades to IV I will commence training for some thing bigger. I'm currently thinking of going for the Armageddon to keep in the hangar for killing "big things" and then going from there.


  1. You're following almost exactly the same route as I did there. Well, except the cross training. Anyway, definitely train for things up to the Hurricane now. That gives you the Rupture, Thrasher, and Hurricane to switch into should it be needed. All your Rifter support skills will come in useful and many of the skills you train for these ships will come in useful for the Rifter. While frigates are immense fun its definitely good to have options.

  2. Thanks Wensley, it's reassuring to hear that. Funnily enough, I did take a look at a Hurricane fit earlier when I was looking at Battlecruisers. I had initially thought that if I was going for an Armageddon that the Harbinger would be sensible ship to pick up on the way, but it seems that the Hurricane can out dps it by some margin with similar EHP. Add to that affordability for me at the moment and Battleships while a nice goal are not really affordable in the sense of initial outlay and replacement but Battlecruisers are. I can step into a pretty ferocious Thrasher right now so I do beleive I might be following the route you mentioned, perhaps with the Stabber to fill the gap between Thrasher & Rupture.