Sunday, 21 February 2010

Funding Piracy

I have heard a lot of talk recently around the funding of Piracy;

- I have been asked how I do it.
- I have wondered how others do it.
- I have seen forum polls on how people do it.

It seems to consist of a variety of answers, I'll detail a few below;

- Ransoms
- Selling loot drops
- Mission running alt
- Exploration
- Trader alt
- Passive POS income
- Mining alt

I'm still undecided on how best I can fund piracy. To date Kirith has been self funding, but with the upcoming bigger ships it is a matter I probably need to think about some more. I've had success with my small-time same account trader alt but not to the degree of funding the loss of a couple of Cruisers/Battlecruisers per week.

Having tried the 21 day trial account mission running I'm not a fan of being boredozered by missions, even if I could get faction ammo and implants easily.

Passive POS income would be cool, but at my career stage in the game setting one up feels like mist and shadows, anyone know of a very good guide I can look at?

Trader alt, is ok. But I don't think I can make my income there.

Exploration, with the current ease of scanning the good stuff is gone fast and it fells like mission running all over again.

Mining, oh dear. I'll try it at some point but sound just as bad as Missions!

I have friends who make lots of ISK from mining & missions so there is no question of whether they are viable and would provide the ISK doubtless required, it's just whether I want to dilute my enjoyment of the game.


  1. Passive POS is nice, but not that passive depending on what you are doing.

    If you want to make reactions, research BPOs for T2 production or moon mine, you will have to visit your POS often to fuel it and change research/build/empty silo etc.

    I enjoy T2 production, but it is the least passive of the above 3.

    Cheers, and good luck!

  2. I should have known I guess that it wouldn't be quite so straightforward. Thank you :)