Sunday, 17 June 2012

Experiment 99H

In my last post I mentioned the Ferox I'd been flying a Ferox, dubbed Experiment 99H mainly as it's insurance was next to expire. I shan't lie, I wasn't looking forward to the prospect and did not have any high expectations at all. I'd bought it on a whim ages ago when I was first able to fly Caldari Battlecruisers and thought to myself why not.

To say that I have been astounded by this underdog really is an understatement and doesn't go far enough. Sure it doesn't stand much of a chance against the likes of a Hurricane but still it's proved a tough little nut.

The fit I used was as follows:

6 x 220mm Vulcan Autocannon II
1 x Medium Gremiln Power Core Disruptor

2 x Large Shield Extender II

1 x EM Ward Field II
1 x Warp Disruptor II
1 x Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive

1 x Damage Control II
1 x Tracking Enhancer II
2 x Gyrostabilzer II

3 x Medium Core Defense Field Extender

5 x Warrior II

Does a modest 385dps, but with 92k EHP with a fairly consistent resist profile. I can't use blasters, hence the AC's, but that tank takes some chewing on.

It's insurance expired without it having been destroyed so it's to the back of the queue it goes until it's time comes around again. Maybe I'll have trained blasters by then, who knows.

Here's a few highlights that come to mind when I think about this ship's exploits: Extremely close fight against a dual web Drake. Decided to attack this under sentry fire as he jumped through a gate, also a close one against his impressive tank and T2 Hammerheads.

To date has destroyed 378 million isk in 15 ships & associated modules destroyed and earning drops of over 41 million isk.


  1. Funnily enough, I was playing with my blaster ferox last week. It can be a surprise for opponents :)

  2. Excellent article and love the under-rated Ferox. It survived!!!