Friday, 15 June 2012


I'm sure that I'm not alone in the situation as a pirate when I'm faced every day with the question:

"What shall I fly today?"

Currently Kirith has in the region of 100 fitted ships in Hevrice. Choosing one can be a pain especially when coupled with my natural indecisiveness.

As my play time has diminished I have found it increasingly difficult to keep ships insured as they don't get exploded often within the 3 months that insurance lasts. Should I then fly ships that are uninsured or find an alternate solution.

When faced with this conundrum months ago I decided that I'd fly the ships in my hangar which has its insurance expiring soonest. I did think that it would be a boring way to play, but boy have I been pleasantly surprised.

This kicked off with my armour tanked Thrasher, it really did me proud and it's not a ship I fly often though I guess the same can be said about any of my ships.

Here's some stat's about S&M Freak the aforementioned Thrasher:

37 kills (13 Pods)
Caused 480m isk in damage
81m isk in drops from kills
Efficiency score of ~96%

Since the demise of this Thrasher I've been flying ships in order of insurance expiration. After the Thrasher I moved onto a Ferox. Would you believe that the Ferox didn't get exploded before its insurance expired, despite my aggressing on gates and fighting opponents it should have died to!

I feel that this exercise has also made me a better pilot as being thrust into ships which you wouldn't otherwise fly makes you learn how to fly in different styles.

So the question I pose to my readers is twofold. How do you cope with many ships in your hangar and insuring them? And what drives your choice of what to undock and roam in?


  1. I often ask myself what tickles my fancy today; ~gudfites~ against shipclass X, be immune to most gatecamps, hunt missioners, brawl or kite?

    Where I want to actually go and what ships I have stashed over there also may play a factor sometimes, and maybe if the cheapskate in me could handle losing something shiny. :P

    Combination of answers = ship I'll take out.
    Like sometimes I wanna kill the next newb I see in a Velator or Atron. :P

  2. Actually, my choice of ship flying is also insurance led. Especially with the ship hull price increases! However, they appear to be hurricanes and typhoons at the moment but there is this here broadsword with insurance about to expire.....