Monday, 25 June 2012

The New Player Experience

Every so often I get the itch to go and play with a fresh toon for something different. This time I figured I'd share the experience. I only tend to play through the three week trial, call it a test if you will. Sometimes I see how much isk I can generate by different methods, other times it's fun to have a disposable character just to try some new facet of the game that I don't want to commit Kirith to.

A couple of days ago I created a Caldari Character on a 21 day trial. I'm tempted to dip a toe into Faction Warfare to see what all the fuss is about at the moment. At this stage I've completed all five of the career tutorials.

My current goal is to get into a Caracal with some level 3 skills, though currently I'm using a Cormorant for a few Caldari Navy level 1 missions around Jita. Using a Cormorant isn't ideal though as my goal of a Caracal means I'm training missile and not gunnery skills making into fairly inept.

Here's the Cormorant fit:

7 x 75mm Railgun
1 x Light Missile Launcher

1MN Afterburner
Shield Boost Amplifier
Small Capacitor Booster
Medium Shield Boosters

Magnetic Field Stabiliser

NOTE: I'm using meta variants of the above fittings, no it's not great. I know...

Typically having bought the skill books and a set of +1 implants I don't have the isk to buy and fit said Caracal, the Epic Arc missions out of Arnon seem like a good next step while building the base skills as that generates a fair bit of isk too. It's probably worth a mention that I never subsidise these characters.

I'll write about my experiences as and when, but I will say one thing. I'm going to do a constructive review of the career agent missions in due course to see if I can offer some positive feedback to CCP.

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