Thursday, 5 July 2012


I received an eagerly anticipated delivery on Tuesday, something which I ordered from a fellow blogger over at I thoroughly recommend them for all your capital needs as their pricing is great and even more so when you do a bulk order like I did and their service is brilliant.

I am now the proud owner of three capitals, a couple of Thanatos and a Moros along with all associated fittings and equipment. It's fair to say it's my biggest purchase in EVE period, costing overall more than fifteen times the cost of my previous most expensive ship including its fittings (My Fleet Tempest: Fifi Trixibell).

The Capitals aren't really for Kirith though, he couldn't fly them for a long time if he had to train for them. As readers of this blog will know one of my alts has been training for the Thanatos for some time for use as both a vessel for running level 5 missions and as a glorified space taxi for redeploying Kirith on holidays to new places. What are the Moros and the other Thanatos for? Well, one cannot give away all ones mystique at once can one...

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