Friday, 27 July 2012

So, well yeah...

Today I had one of those moments where for ages afterwards I'm thinking how did that happen. Tbh it's still making me wonder now.

The event, I lost a Hawk after undocking from a station to be greeted by a flashy Zealot only 5km away. Awesome went my brain and I engaged it knowing how badly Zealots fare against frigates and I was in a dual web Hawk. What could possibly go wrong!?

I was surprised when he engaged me in return, less so when I was webbed and pointed. He was managing to pull some decent speed despite being dual webbed and getting fair hits on me. The additional surprise was his active tank which I was only marginally breaking.

My buffer fit could only last so long and inevitably exploded. Offering gf in local and complimenting an unusual fit I docked up somewhat confused.

I'm only contented by a well used phrase, that one should never seek to assume!

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