Saturday, 7 July 2012

June 2012 Character Review

It feels like its been a quite month on the Internet spaceships piracy front this month.

Lets get to business with the statistics:

20 Ship Kills (18 solo)

6 Pod Kills (all solo)

2,004,769,562 isk cost to victims (497,630,539 isk received in loot drops)

1 Ship Lost

156,281,608 Isk cost in value of ship destroyed.

341,348,931 Isk profit for the month.

As can been seen I've not been particularly active in the month and although I turned a profit, were it not for the great event by Drackarn and the Drake kill which I got I would have made a loss again in the month. I have continued to fly when I can pretty recklessly, so I'm pleased about that. The big isk loss was a Tempest I undocked to a trap which I wanted to spring in Hevrice as I didn't know what my enemy would bring out of their wormhole.

Here's what Kirith's skill split looks like at the end of this month.

Kirith has finished training these skills in the month:

Minmatar Battleship V
Remote Armour Repair Systems I
Remote Armour Repair Systems II
Remote Armour Repair Systems III
Heavy Drone Operation I
Heavy Drone Operation II
Heavy Drone Operation III
Heavy Drone Operation IV

Heavy Drone Operation V was training at the end of the month and completed a few days ago giving me access to Tech 2 Heavy Drones. With Minmatar Battleship V completing I did take out that roam I mentioned and managed to safely get my Tempest Fleet Issue home safely. I'll write a post about that in the future.

This month probably won't see any notable skills trained as I get some shorter ones done. I have noticed that I'm missing an important skill for active shield tanking so I'll get that to V. I have a few plans in EVEmon and haven't decided which to do next, I guess it'll probably be my Drone maximisation plan but interspersed with some other skills.

I did a bit more station Trading in the month than in the previous one, but still low activity netting a little over 200m isk in profit. I'm finding that I don't need the isk drastically and that I don't have much time so why bother? My PI character has also scaled back the PI but done what she does do more profitably using buy & sell orders in Jita. Her Thanatos training continues apace and in about three weeks she can sit in the Thanatos that awaits her.

Total Ransoms Received: 610,360,662.30 Isk received in ransoms (55m Isk received in the month)
Battleclinic Rank: 436 (+11)

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