Thursday, 22 October 2009

First T2 Ship Kill

Well, I can't take all the credit for it unfortunately as the Angel Cartel had a hand in it also. Noticing a Harpy on Scan under the command of a 3 month old player I felt that I had a fighting chance of walking away, especially so if he turned out to be PVE fit (which he didn't turn out to be).

I couldn't find him in a belt but had noticed some Angel "mission type" rat wrecks on scan. Doing a scan with the system scanner picked up a couple of Cosmic Anomalies, warping to the first at 100km I notice him looting some 107km away. I warped out to warp back at zero to find him gone. I guessed I had spooked him. Despite that he was still on scan and again not at a belt so I decided to try the second Cosmic Anomaly, warping to zero this time. He was there engaged with some cruiser rats and a couple of heavy launcher turrets. Wasting no time in chasing after him I had him pointed, but he seemed to be faster than me so I became worried that he would get out of scram range. The Angels had taken around 30% of his shields by the time I fired. He was soon into my armour, biting deep with his use of a web while I was chipping away at his shields. My armour rep working overtime, I chewed through a couple of 200 booster charges to keep everything working and it was terribly close. I had already selected my pod warp point when he popped with me sat on 9% structure with a damaged AB, I think I had managed to get a Rep cycle in just in time to save my sorry ass.

Good fight was exchanged in local and I proceeded to wait out the GCC. Closest fight yet and my first T2 hull kill. I got some nice module drops too which will nearly pay for an entire new Rifter.

A little later in the evening I snagged a newb in a Rifter who entered a system while I was tracking down a bigger target, Quickly locating him I was quite surprised at how quickly he died. At least I was before I saw the fit. But hey, he was fresh out of the pram. Taking out his Pod too I at least now give him the opportunity to refit another Rifter.