Monday, 19 October 2009

Popped their Cherry

It's been a quiet evening all told, my only kill tonight being a Rifter. It had a pretty good setup. After a pretty short game of cat and mouse through two systems I pinpointed the Rifter in a belt and warped in. My quarry had the advantage of a web over me but it didn't seem to matter too much and was fairly quickly into structure. Her structure seemed to hold together longer than the armour for some reason. Post pretty explosion I attempted to get a point on the pod but was denied by the pilots swift reactions.

We chatted for a while in local following the fight, it's always nice to have a good natured conversation. During the conversation I discovered it was their first pvp fight, we talked a little about how the fight went, picking targets, soloing in Rifters and fits. I was very pleased to have dropped a ship equipped with some nice modules which I have added to my own stash to fit some more Rifters with saving me on some purchases.

I did take a screenshot towards the end of the fight but it seems I chose a moment when the target was blotted out by the sun so maybe next time.

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