Thursday, 31 December 2009

December Character Review

December has come and gone so quickly and its already time to post the latest character review.

Continuing to build the skill base to fly a max skill a Rifter I have resisted thus far to skill for a couple of ships, notably basic Battleship skills and also a fast tackler skill plan. My willppower holds true and I am still on my original plan with some 403 days remaining on the plan.

Differing on last month the proportion of learning skills has of course started to diminish compared to other skills. Total skill points have increased by ~1.3m with the lions share being in Gunnery. Kirith now has every skill on the plan at a minimum level of IV, excluding of course skills which have level V prerequisites such as T2 Rockets, Thermodynamics and Advanced Weapon Upgrades. Yes I do not have Thermodynamics yet , it should be at III by the end of January. I am happy with the progression and you do notice the difference in game, sometimes I do yearn to fly something bigger and more nasty but I hope I remain true to my plan.

Wallet balance after selling the faction armor repairer & low-grade snake implant sits just over 100m isk.

In terms of Battleclinic stats, some notes:
- The Tuskers are now ranked 52nd
- Kirith has 141 kills for 29 losses
- Kirith has now tipped over the 1bn isk destroyed mark.

Not too shabby for a 3-4 month old character I think

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