Friday, 18 December 2009

Well that was fun

In the run up to Christmas I have been online less than I would have liked.

I'm back in the Tuskers home zone clone and went out with a small gang last night. Some lag spikes seemed to scare off some people so systems were pretty quiet. We picked off a Caracal running a mission along with his Pod, but other than that we didn't manage to get anything else juicy, though there was a possibility of an Ishtar in a mission, but he was pre-aligned and warped out denying us the kill. The fleet dispersed and as it did so I continued making bookmarks in neighbouring systems.

A little while later it came across voice comms that there were several small(ish) ships in a neighbouring system. I warped over to have a look and it was discovered that they were anchoring a POS. There wasn't enough time to stop them anchoring it unfortunately and a lot of the ships at the POS fled as we warped in.

I landed some 90km away from a target and burned as quick as I could towards him. On my way in an Iteron landed 20km in front of me, as I closed within point range as he struggled to align to warp out, he folded quickly but got his Pod out (the killmail has vanished though). Now closer to the Thorax engaged by Tarik, a Caracal landed. I got point on the Caracal and held him as a Rifter landed, the Rifter was called primary. The Rifter had me tackled but no-one had point on him. Switching fire to the Rifter while orbiting the Caracal to ensure I didn't lose point the Rifter went down along with his Pod, the pilot can't have been thinking of self preservation. With the Rifter down I put my Rockets onto the Thorax as my Auto's didn't have the range to hit it and my Auto's onto the Caracal. Once the Thorax was down the combined fire of Jag & Rifter quickly brought it it's knees. The pilot failed to pay the ransom on his Pod and was terminated. Burning back to the POS another Iteron landed and was destroyed, the Pilot's Pod saved by the POS bubble going up. Some of our corpmates had now entered the system and proceeded to find another of their haulers at a safe carrying some POS modules. He died quickly too, again failed to pay the ransom and was eliminated.

It all happened really quite quickly but was such good fun. I do hope that I see more fun and frollicks like this.

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